Ritesh Agarwal: Accelerating Advances in Electronic Memory

The race to create next-generation computer memory devices that are off-the-charts smaller, faster and more stable than current memory technologies has entered promising new territory thanks to recent innovations in Ritesh Agarwal’s lab. Agarwal, Assistant Professor in Materials Science and Engineering, has pioneered a technique for fabricating self-assembled nanowires. His breakthrough was published in October […]

Pieces of Penn History Return from Space

Dr. Garrett E. Reisman, NASA Astronaut and Penn alumnus, returned to Penn Engineering in February as the distinguished speaker for the Business, Technology and Government Lecture Series. Reisman’s inspirational lecture, “Living Aboard the Space Station—One Quaker’s Journey,” detailed his three-month mission on the International Space Station. Reisman is a graduate of the Penn Management and […]