Looking to AI to Solve Antibiotic Resistance

Bruce Lee: Exploring the Limits of Robotic Systems

Censoring Creativity: The Limits of ChatGPT for Scriptwriting

Largest-Ever Antibiotic Discovery Effort Uses AI to Uncover Potential Cures in Microbial Dark Matter

Six Interdisciplinary Projects Receive Support from ASSET Center Seed Grants in Trustworthy AI Research for Medicine

Late-Night Lessons and Diaries

NSF-Funded Expedition Project Uses AI to Rethink Computer Operating Systems

Reexamining Misinformation: How Unflagged, Factual Content Drives Vaccine Hesitancy

Brewing Brilliance: Nader Engheta and Firooz Aflatouni of Penn’s School of Engineering and Applied Science turn tea time into new ideas.

To 6G and Beyond: Penn Engineers Unlock the Next Generation of Wireless Communications

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