Cynthia Lee: Providing Role Models for Women in Computer Science

Cynthia Lee is a senior in the Department of Computer and Information Science (CIS). She currently assists with research at the Computational Genetics Laboratory, where she is learning to GPU program. She spent the past two summers in Germany, interning for an e-learning research group, ELLI2 and a renewable energy firm, innogy. For more than […]

Inventing the Interconnected Future

Anesthesiologists carefully monitor an infant during surgery to assure she receives a steady flow of oxygen. Yet should anything go awry, by the time the pulse oximeter on her finger indicates a falling oxygen level, she may already be in danger. To develop a more protective earlier warning system, engineers with Penn Research in Embedded […]

Yifeng Zhu: Voices of Penn Engineering Master’s Alumni

This is the first of a series of articles, written by Penn Engineering alums in their own words, of their Penn experiences and how the University shaped their lives. Our first article is written by Yifeng (Daisy) Zhu, who graduated with a Master of Science in Engineering (M.S.E.) in Computer and Information Science in 2015. […]

Nadia Krook: Building Opportunities for the Future

Nadia Krook is a fourth-year Ph.D. student in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and is co-advised by professors Russell Composto and Christopher Murray. She is part of a wide-ranging research project to develop materials for multifunctional coatings on emergency tents. The goal: enabling the tents to manage water, prevent the spread of bacteria […]

Object-Seeking Robot Wins PennApps XVII

An object-seeking robot took home the grand prize at PennApps XVII, beating more than 150 tech projects developed over the course of a weekend. Hackathon contestants arrive on a Friday afternoon, form teams and come up with ideas for digital apps or hardware hacks, which they must complete before a demo session on Sunday morning. […]

Y-Prize Startup VisiPlate is Opening Eyes and Attracting Funding

VisiPlate, a nanotechnology-based medical device for glaucoma patients, got its start as the winner of the 2017 Y-Prize. The competition tasks students with transforming early-stage Penn Engineering technologies into viable businesses. Team VisiPlate selected the nanoscopically thin plates developed by Igor Bargatin, Class of 1965 Term Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics, and […]

Penn Engineering students are featured in’s “Disney college contest yields careers as ‘imagineers'”

Play Hard, Work Harder: Taking it to the Edge on the Court and in the Classroom

From mid-August to late November, even as they face down the inevitable intellectual challenges of a new academic year, the women of Penn Volleyball practice their sport three hours a day, four days a week. Add to this their all-important Division I competitions, with many players spending additional hours on the road traveling to games […]

Engineers As Artists

If Penn students were asked in a random campus survey to describe their individual skillsets and learning styles as either “left brain” (analytical, qualitative) or “right brain” (artistic, intuitive), the majority would most likely answer by naming one cerebral hemisphere or the other. An exceptional and talented few would be able to reply, “both.”

Teaching Robots to ‘Feel with Their Eyes’

At first glance, Alex Burka, a Ph.D. student in Penn’s School of Engineering and Applied Science, looks like a ghostbuster. He walks into the Penn Bookstore strapped to a bulky orange backpack, holding a long, narrow instrument with various sensors attached.

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