Looking to AI to Solve Antibiotic Resistance

Bruce Lee: Exploring the Limits of Robotic Systems

Censoring Creativity: The Limits of ChatGPT for Scriptwriting

Six Interdisciplinary Projects Receive Support from ASSET Center Seed Grants in Trustworthy AI Research for Medicine

NSF-Funded Expedition Project Uses AI to Rethink Computer Operating Systems

Reexamining Misinformation: How Unflagged, Factual Content Drives Vaccine Hesitancy

Brewing Brilliance: Nader Engheta and Firooz Aflatouni of Penn’s School of Engineering and Applied Science turn tea time into new ideas.

To 6G and Beyond: Penn Engineers Unlock the Next Generation of Wireless Communications

Model Disgorgement: The Key to Fixing AI Bias and Copyright Infringement?

Penn Engineering and Harvard Awarded $12 Million NSF Grant for Sustainable Computing Project

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