• 2022 CAREER Award Recipient: Pratik Chaudhari

2022 CAREER Award Recipient: Pratik Chaudhari

Penn Engineers Create Chip That Can Process and Classify Nearly Two Billion Images per Second

At ICRA 2022, Penn Engineers Welcomed the World’s Roboticists to Philly

Soft ‘Rotini’ Robots Navigate with a Snap

Center for Engineering Mechanobiology 2.0: Developing ‘Mechanointelligence’

Penn Engineers Develop a New Method that Could Enable a Patient’s Own Antibodies to Eliminate Their Tumors

Vaclav Vitek Elected to the Royal Society

Penn Engineering Researchers Use Cascading Dominoes to Mimic Soliton Waves

Prioritizing Environmental Justice While Capturing Carbon From the Air

2022 Senior Design Project Competition Winners Announced

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