IEEE Spectrum: ‘This Autonomous Quadrotor Swarm Doesn’t Need GPS’

The GRASP Lab’s flying robots do some amazing things under the invisible glow of PERCH’s motion-tracking camera system, but to have an impact in the real world, they will need to figure out where they’re going without that kind of eye-in-the-sky. Enter VIO-Swarm, the latest set of collaborative quadrotors from the lab, which fly together […]

Penn Engineering students are featured in’s “Disney college contest yields careers as ‘imagineers'”

Play Hard, Work Harder: Taking it to the Edge on the Court and in the Classroom

From mid-August to late November, even as they face down the inevitable intellectual challenges of a new academic year, the women of Penn Volleyball practice their sport three hours a day, four days a week. Add to this their all-important Division I competitions, with many players spending additional hours on the road traveling to games […]

Insup Lee Named ACM Fellow

Insup Lee, Cecilia Fitler Moore Professor in the Departments of Computer and Information Science and Electrical Systems and Engineering, has been appointed fellow status by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) for, “theoretical and practical contributions to compositional real-time scheduling and runtime verification.” The ACM brings together computing educators, researchers, and professionals to inspire dialogue, […]

‘Differential Privacy,’ or How Apple Finds the Most Popular Emojis Without Reading Your Texts

The ability to amass, store, manipulate and analyze information from millions of people at once has opened a vast frontier of new research methods. But, whether these methods are used in the service of new business models or new scientific findings, they also raise questions for the individuals whose information comprises these “big data” sets. […]

Mobility21 is Making Self-Driving Cars Safer with Grand Theft Auto

Mobility21 is a new research partnership, funded by a five-year, $14 million grant from the Department of Transportation, that tackles all manners of transportation problems through the use of new information and sensing technologies.

Engineers As Artists

If Penn students were asked in a random campus survey to describe their individual skillsets and learning styles as either “left brain” (analytical, qualitative) or “right brain” (artistic, intuitive), the majority would most likely answer by naming one cerebral hemisphere or the other. An exceptional and talented few would be able to reply, “both.”

What Can Twitter Reveal About People With ADHD? Penn Researchers Provide Answers

What can Twitter reveal about people with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD? Quite a bit about what life is like for someone with the condition, according to findings published by University of Pennsylvania researchers Sharath Chandra Guntuku and Lyle Ungar in the Journal of Attention Disorders. Twitter data might also provide clues to help facilitate more effective […]

Penn Engineering Receives Honorable Mention for 2017 NEXT Award

Penn Engineering’s Department of Computer and Information Science has received an honorable mention for the National Center for Women & IT (NCWIT) Extension Services Transformation (NEXT) award. The NEXT award celebrates excellence in recruiting and retaining women in computing education. Penn Engineering’s Department of Computer and Information Science is being recognized for sustaining above-average recruitment, […]

Three Engineers Receive 2017 University Awards for Distinguished Teaching

Sanjeev Khanna, Alejandro Ribeiro and George Pappas have each been awarded 2017 University Teaching Awards sponsored by the University of Pennsylvania’s Office of the Provost. The three are amongst 12 awardees throughout the University this year. At an April 25 ceremony, Provost Vincent Price presented the awards and read excerpts of the recommendation letters from […]

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