• Music-making and the Flow of Aerosols

Music-making and the Flow of Aerosols

Class of 2022 President’s Engagement, Innovation, and Sustainability Prizes

‘Decentralizing Vaccine Manufacture’

Penn Engineers Will Use NSF Grant to Develop ‘DReAM’ for On-demand, On-site mRNA Manufacturing

‘COVID-19, Protests, and Crime’

Penn Engineers Create Faster and Cheaper COVID-19 Testing With Pencil Lead

Twitter, Communities and COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy

With a ‘Liquid Assembly Line,’ Penn Researchers Produce mRNA-Delivering-Nanoparticles a Hundred Times Faster than Standard Microfluidic Technologies

Rapid COVID-19 Diagnostic Test Delivers Results Within 4 Minutes With 90 Percent Accuracy

Becoming a Bioengineer, Both at Home and on Campus

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