• ‘Robots are Not Immune to Bias and Injustice’

‘Robots are Not Immune to Bias and Injustice’

Two Penn Research Teams Win NSF Awards to Pursue ‘the Future of Manufacturing’

Design for Vagelos Laboratory for Energy Science and Technology Approved

Carpick Group Collaborates with Pixelligent Technologies and Argonne National Laboratory on Department of Energy Project

An Ecosystem of Innovation Fosters Tech-based Solutions to COVID-19 Challenges

Jordan Raney Awarded DARPA Fellowship to Develop Materials with ‘Distributed Intelligence’

Avisi Technologies, Winner of the President’s Innovation Prize and Y-Prize, Takes Home $1M NSF Grant

From an Old Toy to a New Mechanism of Flight

Treeswift’s Autonomous Robots Take Flight to Save Forests

The Robot Report: Black in Robotics’ Monroe Kennedy on His Time in the GRASP Lab

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