David Quattrone: Catching the Next Wave of Technology

MCIT Online: Expanding Access to Computer Science

Hack4Impact: A Global Coding Force for Good

There’s a multiplier effect when Penn students combine their programming capabilities and commitment to social justice in order to help nonprofits further their mission. Participants in Hack4Impact, a creative and dedicated cadre of 30 Penn students, spend 5 to 15 unpaid hours weekly developing web-based applications that help nonprofits access, share and analyze complicated, changing […]

Engineering Enterprise: A Three-Pack Of Startups

Penn Engineers get an early advantage in the startup game. Coursework, competitions, funding and other resources offered by the University infuse students with the interdisciplinary education, experience and support needed to envision and implement impactful solutions to a wide range of global problems. Meanwhile, encouragement and insights from talented faculty and driven peers inspire budding […]

Alejandro Ribeiro: Expanding Applications of Network Science

The real power behind a network, says Alejandro Ribeiro, isn’t its component parts. It’s the myriad ways they connect with one another. The social bonds we share with others. The flow of information that makes the internet possible. Even the tiny electrical impulses that appear between neurons in the brain, letting us think, feel, taste, […]

Game Changer: A Penn Engineer Joins The Philadelphia Phillies

When Alex Nakahara (MEAM’10) was asked recently if he is ever able to mention his job title without someone excitedly responding with “Moneyball!” he smiled broadly and answered, “Pretty much no.” Nakahara was quick to add, however, that he often uses the analogy to better explain what he does for a living. Nakahara is a […]

Fred Warren: Investing in the Promise of Innovation

Penn Engineering alumnus and venture capitalist Fred Warren (ME’60, WG’61) discusses his passion for the School and in discovering the next great innovation. He and his wife Robin are also founding donors of the Warren Center for Network and Data Sciences, Penn Engineering’s incubator of forward-thinking, collaborative research that is shaping how network science improves […]

Self-Reflected: Bringing the Conscious Brain to Life

If you’re lucky enough to wander into the Your Brain exhibit at The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, you’re in for a mesmerizing treat — a portrait of the brain, ironically, as it views a work of art. The stunning display, appropriately called Self Reflected, depicts a thin slice of the human brain scaled up by a factor […]

Vivek Shenoy: Mathematical Models for the Mechanical Body

While they can seem imperfect on the surface, our bodies are in fact finely tuned machines. Joint surfaces glide effortlessly across one another. Tendons and muscles work together to control our movements, letting us run laps, hold conversations, scarf down cheesesteaks and play piano. This complex collection of biological levers, springs and pulleys is enough […]

Inventing the Interconnected Future

Anesthesiologists carefully monitor an infant during surgery to assure she receives a steady flow of oxygen. Yet should anything go awry, by the time the pulse oximeter on her finger indicates a falling oxygen level, she may already be in danger. To develop a more protective earlier warning system, engineers with Penn Research in Embedded […]

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