Reexamining Misinformation: How Unflagged, Factual Content Drives Vaccine Hesitancy

Brewing Brilliance: Nader Engheta and Firooz Aflatouni of Penn’s School of Engineering and Applied Science turn tea time into new ideas.

Model Disgorgement: The Key to Fixing AI Bias and Copyright Infringement?

Investing in Innovation: Philanthropy Powers AI Education at Penn Engineering

Karen Xu Honored with P.E.O. Scholar Award

Making Life Easier for Students with Learning Differences

Penn Engineering Leads in AI: Announces First Ivy League Master’s in Artificial Intelligence

Penn Engineering Ph.D. Students Receive Funding from Amazon to Advance Trustworthy AI

Illuminating the Unseen: Former Penn iGEM Team Publishes Award-Winning Optogenetic Device

Episode 4 of Innovation & Impact: Exploring AI in Engineering

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