Robert Ghrist Named Inaugural Faculty Co-Director of the Office of Penn First Plus Students

Robert Ghrist, the Andrea Mitchell University Professor with appointments in Penn Engineering’s Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering and the Department of Mathematics in the School of Arts and Sciences, has been named an inaugural co-director of the Office of Penn First Plus Students. The Office, established in the spring, is designed to to support first-generation […]

Deep Jariwala Named to ‘Nano Letters’ Early Career Advisory Board

The American Chemical Society’s journal Nano Letters features an Early Career Advisory Board. There, junior researchers provide new perspectives and insights to their more senior peers. Deep Jariwala, assistant professor in the Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering, has been named one of the advisory board’s four new members.

Shveta Gupta: Voices of Penn Engineering Master’s Alumni

This is part of our series of articles written by Penn Engineering alums about their experiences at Penn and how it shaped their lives. Our next article is by Shveta Gupta, who graduated with a master’s in Electrical Engineering in 2018. She is now at Intel, working as a firmware engineer.

New GRASP Project Aims to Leverage ‘Embodied Intelligence’ via a Robotic Squirrel

It takes about a year before human infants master their own motor skills well enough to walk. Legged robots don’t have it so easy. Only the most advanced can walk with a smooth, natural gait, and even those can be stymied by a small pile of rubble or sand. A team of researchers, led from […]

Lee Bassett Selected to Participate in NAE’s 2018 U.S. Frontiers of Engineering Symposium

Lee Bassett, Assistant Professor in Electrical and Systems Engineering, has been selected to participate in the National Academy of Engineering’s (NAE) 2018 U.S. Frontiers of Engineering Symposium. Bassett’s is one the 84 selected as the nation’s brightest young engineers to take part in symposium. Engineers ages 30 to 45 who are performing exceptional engineering research […]

Penn Engineering Featured at Philly’s First Mini Maker Faire

Penn Engineering’s GRASP Lab robots, aerial vehicles and art all came together on Sunday, June 24, as one of the main attractions at the first Philadelphia Mini Maker Faire.

Quartz: GRASP Lab Spin-Off Exyn Takes Flight Underground

Exyn Technologies, a spin-off of Penn Engineering’s GRASP lab, makes software that can turn your average-joe drone into a fully autonomous flying robot, sensing, exploring, and navigating its environment without the aid of a human pilot or GPS navigation. Quartz’s Erik Olsen covered Exyn’s drone system in a story and video, showing drones exploring old […]

Alejandro Ribeiro: Expanding Applications of Network Science

The real power behind a network, says Alejandro Ribeiro, isn’t its component parts. It’s the myriad ways they connect with one another. The social bonds we share with others. The flow of information that makes the internet possible. Even the tiny electrical impulses that appear between neurons in the brain, letting us think, feel, taste, […]

ModLab’s ‘SMORES’ Modify Their Environment to Get the Job Done

Given the exact parameters of the task at hand, a robot can assemble a car door or pack a box faster and more efficiently than any human, but such purpose-built machines aren’t good for much else. With that in mind, the history of robotics research is marked by devising ways of giving machines more and […]

At TED, Professor Aaswath Raman Talks About the Cold of Space as a Renewable Resource

Aaswath Raman, one of the newest members of the Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering, is using his background in optics and materials science to take an ancient idea and apply it to a pressing, modern-day problem: cooling. He spoke at this year’s TED conference in Vancouver, explaining how harnessing “radiative cooling” could be the […]

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