Six Interdisciplinary Projects Receive Support from ASSET Center Seed Grants in Trustworthy AI Research for Medicine

Brewing Brilliance: Nader Engheta and Firooz Aflatouni of Penn’s School of Engineering and Applied Science turn tea time into new ideas.

To 6G and Beyond: Penn Engineers Unlock the Next Generation of Wireless Communications

Penn Engineering and Harvard Awarded $12 Million NSF Grant for Sustainable Computing Project

Recognizing a Pioneer: The IEEE Dedicates Milestone to Grace Hopper at Penn Engineering

Turning Up the Heat on Data Storage

Overcoming the Odds: Matthew Cleaveland Designs Robots to Deal with Uncertainty, While Outrunning Cancer

Class of 2024 President’s Engagement, Innovation Prize Winners Announced

Deep Jariwala Receives Optica’s 2024 Adolph Lomb Medal

Building Robots that Learn: Pratik Chaudhari Investigates the Underpinnings of AI

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