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Lyle Ungar on Normalizing Face Masks

Engineering Student Start-up Percepta is Bringing their ‘Ethical AI’ to the Pennovation Accelerator

https://medium.com/penn-engineering/engineering-student-start-up-percepta-is-bringing-their-ethical-ai-to-the-pennovation-1a47f20ff979?source=friends_link&sk=ccffe22d5fa09a4d3b4fd4711c54303d https://medium.com/penn-engineering/engineering-student-start-up-percepta-is-bringing-their-ethical-ai-to-the-pennovation-1a47f20ff979?source=friends_link&sk=ccffe22d5fa09a4d3b4fd4711c54303d

Duncan Watts Awarded 2020 Andrew Carnegie Fellowship

MCIT Online Students Build Community in Online Learning

Penn Engineering Students Help Recreate Campus in Minecraft During Quarantine

News” and “CIS, ESE, MEAM, Undergrad, Student, Outreach, Coronavirus and SYS” tomorrow

En Garde!

Linh Thi Xuan Phan Receives Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching

Language in Tweets Offers Insight Into Community-level Well-being

CIS Launches Open Source Data Science Learning Platform with IBM and Linux Foundation

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