Bioengineering Faculty Member Named ‘Young Innovator’ for Creation of Multiple Myeloma Therapy

The Future of Medicine Rises in University City: University of Pennsylvania Opens New Multi-Disciplinary Research Labs in One uCity Square

An Improved Delivery System for mRNA Vaccines Provides More Powerful Protection

The Physics of Fat Droplets Reveal DNA Danger

Penn Engineers Create Low-Cost, Eco-Friendly COVID Test

Penn and CHOP Researchers Show Gene Editing Tools Can be Delivered to Perinatal Brain

Fall 2023 Dean’s Welcome

Advancing Women in Engineering Welcomes the Class of 2027

For a New Generation of Antibiotics, Scientists are Bringing Extinct Molecules Back to Life – and Discovering the Hidden Genetics of Immunity Along the Way

“QR “QR Code for Cancer Cells” – Uncovering Why Some Cells Become Resistant to Anti-Cancer Therapies

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