Stephanie Weirich Receives ACM Sigplan’s Robin Milner Young Researcher Award

Stephanie WeirichStephanie Weirich is the recipient of the Association for Computing Machinery’s Special Interest Group on Programming Languages Robin Milner Young Researcher Award. The award is given to recognize outstanding contributions by investigators in the first twenty years of their professional career.

The award recognizes Weirich’s deep and sustained contributions to programming language research in the areas of functional programming, dependent types, and proof assistants. In particular, she, along with collaborators at Microsoft Research, has extended the widely used GHC Haskell language with novel type system features. Weirich, with collaborators at Penn and Cambridge, also initiated and led the POPLMark challenge, a highly visible and influential effort to promote the use of proof assistants for formalizing and checking the theory of programming languages. She has also greatly contributed to the understanding of dependent types in practical programming languages, and is now involved in an effort to bring the benefits of dependent types to Haskell. Finally, Weirich has made substantial contributions to the programming languages community, notably with her involvement in the Programming Languages Mentoring Workshop (PLMW).

To learn more about Stephanie Weirich please visit her faculty research profile.