Christopher Fang-Yen receives European Union Horizons 2020 Funding

Chris Fang-YenDr. Christopher Fang-Yen, Wilf Family Term Assistant Professor of Bioengineering, has been awarded $357,327 over four years from European Union Horizons 2020 to conduct a study of lifespan and healthspan in the roundworm C. elegans, as part of the Ageing with elegans collaboration.  Horizons 2020 is the largest Research and Innovation program in the European Union.

Dr. Fang-Yen’s research group will apply the WorMotel, a method his laboratory recently developed for high-throughput imaging of thousands of C. elegans, to perform screens for genetic modifiers of health span and lifespan. The project’s ultimate goal is to discover molecular pathways underlying healthy ageing for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.