Engineering and Medicine Researchers Collaborate on Studies of Genome Folding in Health and Disease

Marc Miskin Wins Two Young Investigator Awards for Microrobotic Research

Blending up New Materials

Using Lung-on-a-chip Technology to Find Treatments for Chlorine Gas Exposure

Magnetic Field and Hydrogels Could Be Used to Grow New Cartilage

Penn Engineering and CHOP Researchers Receive $6 Million Grant to Make AI More Resilient to Attacks

Through Brain Imaging Analysis in Rats, Penn Researchers Show Potential to Predict Whether Pain Will be Acute or Persistent

Penn Engineers Create Helical Topological Exciton-Polaritons, a New Type of Quasiparticles with Applications in Quantum Computing

New Research from Penn Engineering and MIT Shows How Nanoparticles Can Turn Off Genes in Bone Marrow

Penn Researchers Join NSF-Simons Foundation Collaboration on the ‘Foundations of Deep Learning’

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