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Gabriel DeSantis: Penn Abroad Leader

Obstacles and Growth

Climate Week at Penn: Penn Engineering’s Contributions to Fighting Climate Change

Virtually Interning at a Singaporean Startup

MCIT Online Students Build Community in Online Learning

Junior Alexa Spagnola on Building Technology to Confront COVID-19

Stuart Diamond on Negotiating Tools to Get Through the Day

“News, Guest Blog” and “MEAM, Faculty, Coronavirus, SYS, Outreach”

Using Systems Engineering to Design a ‘Masterpiece Spreadsheet’ For Sustaining Human Life in Space

Olivia O’Dwyer: Access Engineering Launches VR Curriculum

Sneha Rajana: Voices of Penn Engineering Master’s Alumni

This is part of our series of articles, written by Penn Engineering alums in their own words, of their experiences at Penn and how it shaped their lives. This article is written by Sneha Rajana, who graduated from the M.S.E. Program in Computer and Information Science in 2017. She is currently a Software Development Engineer […]

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